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New communication technologies and changing audience behaviors are reshaping the publishing and media industry. The decline of traditional media (e.g., books, newspapers, radio, and television) and the prosperity of new media (i.e., a variety of Web-based and digitized communication) are forcing companies in this industry not only to achieve operational excellence in their current business areas, but also to use information and communication technologies (ICT) in prompt response to new business opportunities.
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Below are some of the challenges the publishing and media industry is facing.
  • New and evolving communication channels are changing the ways that content is developed, delivered, and consumed.
  • The increasingly blurry boundary between "authorship" and "audienceship" means greater difficulty for publishers to assert a space between the two, while remaining profitable.
  • A shortened content life cycle, due to the changing behavior of audiences, requires more collaboration in content generation and delivery.
  • The massive volume and accelerating speed of information accumulation make it more difficult to manage content efficiently.
  • Increasing demands on customized content require better capabilities for content search, reuse, and configuration.
Nowadays, many types of business software solutions can help publishing and media companies improve their performance. From these solutions, we have selected the following, which directly address the above challenges: enterprise content management (ECM) and Web content management (WCM) systems that support publishing processes; and enterprise marketing management (EMM) systems that help firms organize and understand responses to their marketing initiatives both efficiently and effectively.

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