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Documents related to » hcm resources for publishing

12th Vendor Shootout for ERP - Dallas, TX, Oct 12-13, 2011 - Vendor Line-up Confirmed
The 12th Vendor Shootout for ERP. Dallas, Texas, USA. October 12-13, 2011. Dallas Marriott Quorum. Manufacturers and distributors:The vendor line...

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9/6/2011 10:03:00 AM


HCM RESOURCES FOR PUBLISHING: The company eFashionTrack offers its eponymous Web-enabled and customizable workflow solution in the form of a product lifecycle management (PLM) application, with a specific focus on apparel sourcing.

Accord LMS

HCM RESOURCES FOR PUBLISHING: Accord LMS provides e-learning management for training, compliance, and institutional knowledge transfer.

At Your Fingers: the Real-Time Value of BI
Learn how real-time or near real-time analytics can help you accelerate business insight and shorten customer response times in At Your Fingers: ...

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5/12/2011 10:00:00 AM

Managing Mobile Phones in Your Company
InIntegrating Mobile Phones with Your Business Phone System, you'll learn how to...

HCM RESOURCES FOR PUBLISHING: managing mobile phones company, managing, mobile, phones, company, mobile phones company, managing phones company, managing mobile company, managing mobile phones..
2/11/2011 3:35:00 PM


HCM RESOURCES FOR PUBLISHING: RSA Security's portfolio of e-security solutions, which include authentication, Web access management and developer toolkits, help organizations to realize revenue opportunities and operational improvements of e-business while enhancing protection of critical information against unauthorized access and other forms of malicious intent.


HCM RESOURCES FOR PUBLISHING: Optiva integrates product design functionality with program management, collaboration, and workflow capabilities.


HCM RESOURCES FOR PUBLISHING: Yellowfin is a solution for web-based reporting and analytics that supports both traditional (paper-oriented) and interactive (web-based) reports.

The Latest Phishing Threats and How to Stop Them
Learn about the latest phishing threats in Fraud Alert: Phishing The Latest Tactics and Potential Business Impact.

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9/24/2010 12:00:00 PM

ERP Buyer s Guide: 10 Tough Questions to Ask
10 questions to ask before you buy ERP lays out the most important questions to ask when researching ERP vendors and their products.

HCM RESOURCES FOR PUBLISHING: erp buyer guide 10 tough questions ask, erp, buyer, guide, tough, questions, ask, buyer guide 10 tough questions ask, erp guide 10 tough questions ask, erp buyer 10 tough questions ask, erp buyer guide tough questions ask..

Plateau Talent Management Suite

HCM RESOURCES FOR PUBLISHING: Plateau Talent Management is software designed for developing, managing, rewarding, and optimizing organizational talent.

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